Archaic greek sculptur


Archaic greek sculptur

By 3D4Kids


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10 cm x 5 cm





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3 h

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Marble Statue of a Kouros (New York Kouros), c. 590–580 B.C.E. (Attic, archaic), Naxian marble, 194.6 x 51.6 cm (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)Speakers: Dr....


The lesson is about designing a typical Kouros (free-standing ancient Greek sculpture) that first appeared in the Archaic period in Greece and represents a nude male youth. The main goal is to recognise the Egyptian influences from the the design of Kouros and to know the basic characteristics which are significant for further development into classical sculpture.

Learning objectives

The students will be able to:

– Design a typical archaic Kouros

– Identify the symmetrical and frontal character of a typical archaic sculpture

– Know the similarities with the Egyptian sculptures

– Use a model to explain a further development of archaic Kouros into a classical sculpture

– Use 3D printing file

– Learn 3D printing techniques and create and print the 3D Kouros.

Teacher preparation

Preparation follows a guided lesson in the classroom. It develops theoretical exercises to be implemented in the classroom lesson in order to make the lesson as interactive as possible.

Teacher explanation

  • Introducing the topic and the objective (development of archaic Greek sculpture influenced by the Egyptian sculptures and the differences in comparison to the classical Greek sculpture)
  • Explain the basics of the 3D programme usage guided designing of the 3D sculptures from pictures
  • Explaining how to save the file and how to export it into a suitable format (to get specification from the technical partner)
  • Explaining the basics about the 3D printing
  • Show how to obtain the code for printing,
  • Explain how to prepare the 3D printer for new work.

Student activity/Steps

  • Design a typical archaic Kouros
  • Saving and exporting it into the suitable format
  • Select the suitable setting for printing the sculpture (to get specification from the technical partner)
  • Try the design participating in the exercises given by the teachers.

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Age of students


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1 h






Spatula, glue, pencils, sheets, ruler, computer, modeling programme, 3D printing programme


Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop

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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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